Laurel Lake - Getting Ready To Build

I only spent about 2 months in this cottage, but grew to really like it. Knocking it down to build a new place was hard to do, but it just couldn't handle the kind of usage that I hope we will see there. Sooooo.. plans to build a new place have been drawn up, and we are ready to get underway.

   To prepare for building the new home, we had to remove the current cottage. The choice was to either bulldoze it and haul it away.. or let the Volunteer Fire Department use it for a "burn school" so they could do some training.

Aside from the fact that it was much cheaper, it was a no brainer deciding which way to go <grin>

Once I saw what happened when they burned the cottage down,
however, there was no regret for me at all. The pictures below
show why. From lighting to walls flat was approximately 20 minutes.

My thanks to the Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad.
I'm truly glad they are there to protect us all!