When a house is a home!

 December, 2001

Two days before Thanksgiving, things were moved along enough so we could
move in, which is a really good thing, as we had 21 for dinner on Thanksgiving :)

14 sat around the new table. With a fire in the fireplace, there was
plenty of warmth and good cheer.

Thanks to all who worked so long in the kitchen to make it happen!

It's been beautiful here for December.

And the beauty changes with the day.

Not to worry, however. Lots of fire places!
Nakita rather likes the living room.

Comfy chairs and lots of light.

Looking down into the living room from the 2nd floor.

Second floor, looking over the living room.

There is a fireplace on the other side of the chimney for 2nd floor
warmth, and a Ship's Ladder going up to the loft.

There is a great view looking out over the living room from the
second floor walkway.

And the view from the loft is neat as well.

It's a LONG way down.

The Pinecone Room is just waiting for guests!

Early morning fog hangs over the lake.

Many thanks to Tim for taking so many of these great pictures!!

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